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About Ebay's Top Sellers and TopSellerListLive.com

TopSellerListLive.com is a website devoted to the Ebay Selling and Auction Online community. We, the creators of TopSellerListLive.com, have often done business using Ebay, and we find the vast expanse of Ebay sellers and buyers to make up a very interesting set of data.

With our love of all things perl, we created a few slow perl robots that try to collect just a piece of this universe, specifically focusing on Ebay Sellers and their feedback over time. Feedback is a very good measurement of Ebay Selling and all online auctions, and by measuring this growth and rate of growth, we can learn much about an Ebay Power Seller.

If you're an Ebay Seller, this site can provide you with a plethora of valuable information, all for free! You can investigate your Ebay selling competition, compare their rate of growth against yours, and see where you stack up. You can also look at Ebay hot sellers in hot categories, and then visit Ebay to see how these Sellers are doing it, what their successful auctions look like, and much more.

Happy digging through our data! Power Selling through Research!

Some of our other data-centric sites, driven by perl, include:

  • E-Courage.com: We go out and get Missed Connections and I Saw Notes from dozens of sites, being one of the only places where you can search for a note from many places all at the same time! It's a great way to see who is searching for you but doesn't have the courage to act!
  • CountTheBreaks.com: If you are a die-hard fan of the site, there is often a discussion of too many commercial breaks. This site is a scientific exercise, tracking breaks and bumpers over a long period of time.

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Ebay Auction Online Power Seller Statistics is proud to bring TopSellerListLive.com to the public for free. We do this in honor of all the Ebay Power Sellers and Auction Online Sellers. Thanks for your service!